Using the latest 3D printing technology to manufacture the best solutions for a variety of hearing amplification and hearing protection applications.

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Providing custom fitting earmolds and earplugs for many applications

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How It Works

Step 1 - Receiving & Scanning

When an order is placed we receive either a digital copy of your ear impression (EMI) or a physical ear impression. When we receive a digital EMI, we inspect the EMI for usability* before sending it off to be used in the modelling stage. Physical EMIs are also inspected for usability and modified to allow our 3D scanner to create an accurate digital representation of your ear. When the digital file is approved, it is sent to the modelling stage.


*If it is determined that the ear impression will not be suitable to make a custom mold, we will inform you of the option to either send a new, adequate EMI or forfeit our 180-day fit warranty.

Step 2 - Modelling & Printing

Once an approved digital EMI has been received, it is time for the model processing. The EMI is the base reference when modelling and designing your custom ear molds. Our 3D software follows every curve and contour of your ear for a perfect fit*. Once the mold is modelled, it is prepared for printing. We use state of the art digital light processing (DLP) printing process with a voxel resolution up to fifty micrometers (50 µm)


*While the molds are modelled exactly based off your ear impression, everyone’s ear may have unique sensitivities or movements that aren’t represented by the EMI we receive

Step 3 - Post & Shipping

After your custom molds have been printed they are sent through post-processing. Your molds will first be cleaned of any residual resin and then cured to final hardness. We then buff out any bumps or ridges left over from the printer and seal the mold with lacquer for a smooth, clear finish. Once your molds pass final quality assurance, they are packaged up and shipped to your door.