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Welcome to Auris Labs!

Mar 2, 2020News

Hello all!  Welcome to the first ever blog from the team at Auris Labs! It has been an interesting adventure thus far delving into the current world of hearing damage prevention.  We use that word with the intention of showing you how much effort, money and time has been put into Hearing loss solutions. At Auris Labs, we consider ourselves to be the ounce of prevention against a world filled with pounds of cures.

Over the past several months we have been lucky enough to work with some very forward-thinking organizations in the area of hearing protection. Just take a quick peek at our partnership page to see the good people we are working with.


Each and every one of these organizations firmly believes in our vision to help the people that are working in high-risk areas to protect their hearing. Our 3D printed custom ear moulds reduce the surrounding noises by 25 dB. As impressive as that is, the real bonus for our customers is the ability to speak to your co-workers whilst still having the moulds in their ears.

This is a real game-changer for all of our customers as the custom mould is much more comfortable and allows added safety for being able to hear if someone needs you to do something very quickly, a good example would be “duck!”.  It also, as our moulds should be always in your ears when on job sites; eliminates the danger of someone on your site doing loud work without warning (firing up a jack hammer as an example).

This whole process has created a rather steep learning curve for folks working in construction. Some unions we have worked with already had insurance coverage for hearing aids, but no allotment of funds for preventative hearing protection.

The good news is that a lot of unions we are working with either now has, or are diligently working on, coverage for hearing protection. If you are a member of a union, please feel free to ask your union representative about where they are in this process.

If you are reading this and wondering where you could go to get yourself set up with 3D printed custom ear protection, I have included a map of participating hearing clinics across Ontario.

Where to Get Impressions

We will be posting information as regularly as possible going forward, information from audiologists, clinicians, and technical updates from our lab on 3D printing and other innovations. Stay tuned and if you wanted to do some research for yourself on the importance of hearing loss prevention, you could take a look at the WSIB web page with the link provided below:

Have a great and safe March.

The Auris Labs Team