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Construction and manufacturing are very noisy industries, requiring nearly every individual in this job sector to wear hearing protection of some kind. Disposable foam ear plugs are okay in a pinch but don’t offer equal protection for everyone, since every ear is unique. Solid custom noise plugs are great for maximum hearing protecting; however, they also impede communication between employees.

Hocks Noise Brakers solve this issue by reducing noise levels to a more comfortable level. The Noise Braker reduces high volume sound waves by employing the use of dampers and sudden diameter changes. These physical features reflective or induce destructive interference to the sound waves.  Hocks Noise Brakers have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 19, allowing 19 dB of protection in a C-Weighted measurement or 12 dB of protection from an A-Weighted measurement.

Key Features

  • 19 dB reduction
  • stops most high frequency sounds
  • allows 70 dB (normal speech) sounds through


  • Full Shell
  • Silicone 40 Shore
  • Nylon cord included