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Auris Labs offers impulse noise protection that provides hearing protection against the sound of gunfire. Using a custom noise plug with a Sonic Valve II, from Health Enterprises, the wearer can safely operate a firearm while still maintaining the ability to hear normal sounds around them.

The Sonic Valve II™ achieves this by having a diaphragm encased in aluminium. The diaphragm acts as a “pop filter” reducing high pressure and high decibel noises. The Sonic Valve II™ features a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 18, which offers 18 dB of protection in a C-Weighted measurement or 11 dB of protection from an A-Weighted measurement.

Key Features

  • 18 dB reduction
  • stops impulse noises
  • allows 70 dB (normal speech) sounds through


  • Full Shell
  • Silicone 40 Shore
  • Nylon cord included

Available in a Variety of Colours!