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It is easy to think that hearing protection is only necessary for loud noises, but that is not the case. A simple ear infection can, at best, cause discomfort for a few days or, at worse, result in hearing damage. One of the most common ways to contract an ear infection is from going swimming in not only lakes and rivers, but private and public pools as well.

Auris Labs offers Swim plugs that help reduce the possibility of an ear infection from swimming. Our swim plugs are made of a buoyant silicone and come standard with a detachable vinyl cord. The buoyant silicone and vinyl cord can help with mold recovery if the molds are removed or dislodged accidentally.

Key Features

  • Seals ear canal
  • Buoyant


  • Full Shell
  • Silicone 25 Shore
  • Vinyl Cord

Available in a Variety of Colours!