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Auris Labs offers several different material options for our moulds to be made in. Hard acrylic is most commonly used for moulds made to fit hearing devices, while silicone is more often used for noise protection.

Hard Acrylic:

  • A clear hypoallergenic hard material. Used primarily in our RIC and BTE moulds
  • Colour Options: clear


25 Shore
  • The softest and most flexible material. Used in Swim Plugs due to its buoyancy
  • Colour Options: clear, red transparent, blue transparent, Green transparent
40 shore
  • Our medium shore silicone, flexible but firm. Used in our Noise Plugs and Sleep Plugs
  • Colour Options: clear, red, blue, green, black, yellow, pink
60 Shore
  • A more rigid material than the 40 shore. Used mainly in Musician Plugs
  • Colour Options: clear
70 Shore
  • The hardest silicone we offer. A good choice for those with low dexterity
  • Colour Options: clear